Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christian Pickup Lines

 10 Christian Pick- Up Lines

1. Hey girl, I put the "stud" in Bible Study.
2. Hey girl, I was reading through the book of Numbers and realized I didn't have yours.
3. Hey girl, I'm not Boax but you can glean my fields any time.
4. Hey girl, if I march around you 7 times, would you fall for me?
5. Hey girl, would you be in my purpose- driven life?
6. Hey girl, I think one of my ribs belongs to you.
7. Hey girl, me... you... Song of Songs... the remix.
8. Hey girl, I didn't believe in pre- destination, until tonight.
9. Have you died before? That looks like a resurrection body to me! 
10. Hey girl, can I come to your church? I want to see your body... of Christ.

Thank you @davemelendez on Twitter for sharing these funny Christian Pick- Up lines.

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