Saturday, February 8, 2014

Who Am I, Culturally?

Culture is the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for an excellence in arts, letters, manners, and scholarly pursuits. I believe my parents and grandparents were instrumental in supporting the development in my cultural identity. They taught me that cultural identity isn’t about food, language, and music, but about how I feel everyday at any given location. They taught me I am not defined by where I live, the food I eat, or the family I was born into.
            Growing up I always came across the change of thinking money and material items defined who I am. My parents are not materialistic, but society is and I was falling into that role. I always wanted the newest technology and expensive items thinking that if I had those things I’d be well off. I have come to learn that my parents and grandparents are right, those things do not matter, it’s the people and things you do in your life that matter and determine your happiness. I have to remind myself all the time that material items only give me temporary happiness, it won’t last a lifetime much less a couple months.
            Based on my experiences I can help children realize that when they do unto others and make a difference in their family or community they will feel good. I will try to show them that you don’t need the best of everything to define who you are. Just because society says you need something doesn’t mean you’ll be happier if you have it. I think I can affect a child’s identity development by teaching them to be happy with what they have and showing them that there are people less fortunate out there who would love to have half the stuff we do. I think by teaching children good morals, values, and respect for one another they will be able to determine who they are and be proud of the person they have become.

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