Saturday, December 27, 2014

Morning Meeting

Opening Song: Zippity- Do- Dah! 
Let’s do our day of the week poem. First… Now let’s do our month poem. Alright, I need my star of the week.
-       What pattern do we need today?
-       Let’s find out!
-       Which number is it today?
(Pointer) Today is Monday, December 8, 2014.
-       Everybody
-       What day is it today?
-       If today is Monday what was it yesterday?
-       If today is Monday what will it be tomorrow?
-       Let’s do our even and odd poem
-       Is today’s number even or odd?
-       How do you know?
Thank you, Charlie!
(Chalkboard) Who can tell me what the next even number would be?
What would the next odd number be?
Who can spell the number 8 for me? EIGHT.
Let’s do tallies. Ready?
Show me with your fingers what is one more? One less?
Who can tell me what 10 more is?
What is 10 less?
What’s 100 more? How do I write 108?
What is the double of 8? Take 8 and add 8.
How many tens in the number 8?
How many ones?
How do we make 8 cents?
Who can tell me how to write 8 cents?
What’s another way?

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