Monday, September 2, 2013

Sister, Sister!

Friend: "I wish I had a sister."
My sister: "Oh no! Trust me you do not want a sister!"
Me: "I like having a sister."
My sister: "Why?"

At first, I had a hard time nailing down reasons why I enjoy having a sister. I said, "I like having you as my sister because you bring home lots of free hair products!" My sister didn't like that answer so I've thought about the question for the past two days and here's what I came up with.
I love having you as my sister because...

- You are my fashion consultant!
- You cook! Not only will you touch chicken or any other raw meat for me, but I can ask you any questions about cooking or baking and you've got my back!
- You are patient.
- You can do my hair and make up for me. You give me lots of tips as well and even though I don't always use your tips I appreciate the suggestions.
- You are very accommodating. I mean look at “our” bathroom for example!
- You are headstrong.
- You kill centipedes and spiders for me. If I spray them but don't feel brave enough to pick them up from the floor I can usually pay you and you'll get them for me!
- You listen to my pointless stories and let me ramble on for hours.
- You go places with me. I know I never have to go shopping or run errands alone.
- You keep my secrets.
- You forgive even when it is not easy and you don’t hold grudges.
- You are not afraid to take a stand and defend your beliefs even if they are the opposite of everyone else. 
- We can share clothes!
- You help me with my homework and always encourage me to use critical thinking.
- We stay up late talking about all sorts of things from school to hopes and dreams.

“A sister is a friend forever by your side.”

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