Monday, December 23, 2013

Student Interview- Math

Student Interview: View of Mathematics

If I had no idea what math meant, what would you tell me? Or what is math?
Math is math books, which are kind of like homework. In math we do math stations and Mrs. B and now you help our class with math stations.

What are math stations?
Math stations are where we get in our small groups and go around the room doing different math activities. Sometimes we play math games on the mini iPADs and sometimes we play games like Money Bingo.

What are important math topics?
Subtraction, adding, knowing the minus and plus signs and learning about money. Math Bingo is important too because it helps us learn how much a dime, quarter, and penny is worth.

What do you think you are learning in math?
We are learning subtraction and have a test on Wednesday. I hope I am in your group! (They take their tests in small groups too).

How will you use math? Can you give me some examples?
I use math to add, subtract and count.

What are some examples?
Oh, um, 5+5=10 and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.10- That is counting.

Is there usually one-way to solve a problem or more than one way?
More than one way, that is the fun part about math!

Your teacher says, “It’s time for math.” What is going to happen (what will you be doing, what will the teacher be doing?)”
We don’t do whole class lessons. Mrs. R works with kids at stations. Us kids go through stations and we play games like Face Off and Math Bingo. We work in small groups in stations and sometimes we count coins other times we do our math page.

When you see someone who is good at math, what kinds of things can this person do?
They can do lots of things but they do it well. If they are really good, I say to myself, “Wow! They are really good!” It makes me happy they are working so hard.

Do you tell your friends they are really good at math?
Yes! It makes me happy!

Do you think everybody can do well in math if they try?

Who is good at math?
Me, Mrs. R, Anders*, my mom and my dad are all good at math.

Is math something useful to know? Why?
Yes, it’s fun and we use it every day!

Are you good at math?

Why do you think so?
I am good at math because I try and I don’t give up even when I get the wrong answer.

How is math best learned?
Math is best learned in the classroom with Mrs. R or at home with my mom or dad.

So you like to be in small groups or working one on one with a parent or teacher?
Yes, I don’t like big groups.

How do you learn math best?
Um, sometimes I learn best in small group and sometimes I learn best in large group.

Is math your favorite subject?

Why is math your favorite subject?
Because adding is easy but we are doing hard subtraction and it challenges me.

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