Monday, December 23, 2013

Student Interview- Social Studies

Student Interview

If you had to explain to a stranger what social studies is, what would you say?

I would say social studies teaches us history.

What is history?

Like life long ago, it’s stuff that happened a really long time ago.

What kind of stuff?

You know, school and life.

What are important social studies topics?

Timelines, life long ago, transportation, communication, and school long ago.

Why are transportation and communication important social studies topics?

Because of all the inventions.

What kind of inventions?

The invention of the telephone, the invention of the car, you know, inventions like that.

Why do you think you are learning social studies?

Because Mrs. R wants to teach us about life long ago.

How can you use social studies in your everyday life? Can you give some examples?

No, I only use social studies at school.

Your teacher says, “It’s time for social studies.” What is going to happen? What will you be doing? What will Mrs. R be doing?

We will put our math book away and sit on the floor close to the board. Mrs. R will be teaching and I will be listening.

When you see someone who is good at social studies, what kinds of things can this person do?

They listen, know how to do the activity and they learn.

Do you think everyone can do well in social studies if they try?


Is social studies something that is useful to know? Why?

Yeah! If you know about social studies you can compare life long ago to now.

Are you good at social studies? Why?

Yes, because I try my hardest.

How do you best learn social studies?

Mrs. R and you teach social studies the best.

So, you learned social studies best when you have a good teacher?


Is social studies your favorite subject? Why or why not?

No, Social Studies is okay, but I like math better.

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