Friday, January 3, 2014

Elf on the Shelf 2013

Last year, our elf pretty much stuck to the shelf. Skylar did have some adventures though and you can see what mischief she got into here.  This year, our elf only moved a few times but when she moved she was left there for days at a time. Yes, I know, we are bad elf owners. Anyway, below are some photos of Elfie's adventures this year.

Elfie was caught sitting on a candle. Leah was yelling, "The elf is on fire!" I actually believed her but no worries, he's okay! Just warming up his butt. ;-)

Elfie decided to spend the day outside making snow angels.

Elfie was nice and cozy in this doll chair from Pottery Barn Kids.

Elfie is apparently a bookworm like the rest of our family. 

Something incredibly exciting happened to me this December, the author of Elf on the Shelf, Carol Aebersold signed my book! She wrote, 
"Ms. S's Class, Be sure your elf has only good reports for Santa. Always believe!"

**I know the elf's name is different from last year and I know the elf is technically a boy but dressed as a girl. #technicalities

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