Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cause and Effect with Frog and Toad

On Monday, Mrs. R read a story from Frog and Toad All Year Round. Today, we are going to read from Days With Frog and Toad and we will practice cause and effect. The story we are going to read is called, The Kite. Before we read the story though I want to look our chart. 

Good readers identify cause and effect.
Cause is often signaled by the word so. For example, “It was raining SO I used an umbrella.”
Effect is often signaled by the word because. I used my umbrella (C) BECAUSE it was raining (E).”

As I am reading I want you to think about what is happening and why it is happening. When you see a part of the sentence up here I want you to put your hand out like a stop sign and we will complete the sentence by adding the missing cause or effect.

The Robins told Toad to give up SO Toad gave up.

The robins said the kite was junk BECAUSE the kite crashed in the grass.

Frog told Toad to try flying his kite one more time SO he jumped up and down and shouted, “UP KITE UP!”

The kite climbed higher and higher BECAUSE Toad did not give up.

Toad and Frog are happy BECAUSE they finally got the kite to fly.

Great job first graders! I have a cause and effect worksheet I would like us to complete. Each of you is going to get two pieces of paper. You are going to cut out all five sentences on this piece of paper. You are going to glue the missing cause or effect on this worksheet. On the bottom, you’ll see both boxes are empty. You need to decide which sentences go there and which one is the cause and which on is the effect. Let’s do the first one together. The effect is, “The Popsicle melted.” Why did the Popsicle melt? Because (read sentences) 

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