Sunday, November 9, 2014

Seperation Anxiety at the Y

I follow many education pages on Facebook. One of my favorites is called Toddler Approved. Occasinally, they post reader questions. The question posted last night was:

My one year old is beginning to have bad separation anxiety. He is not in daycare and spends most time with just family (me, daddy, g-am, g-pa...) but we started taking him to 2 hour drop in daycare at our ymca and he doesn't make it more than 20 minutes before they have to come get us because he is so upset and won't calm down. 'They' say kids usually get used to it and are eventually ok, but it's been a few weeks, it doesn't seem to be getting better and we aren't sure what to do... Suggestions!?

Years ago I worked at KidStuff so I decided to comment. I said:

I used to work at the YMCA in KidStuff and it always got better. Sometimes it took kids months other times it only took days and for some it took weeks. Try to be consistent with your drop off time so he gets familiar with the staff in the room. My advice would be to try and build up to the full two hours. Start by dropping him off for 20 minutes and then over the course of a couple weeks or even a month or two build up to leaving him for the full two hours. I would also say maybe play with him in the room once you come back. We had a toddler who really disliked KidStuff but between short workouts and playtime with mom and the staff within a couple of months he was good to go and enjoyed coming to the Y. I would also suggest if possible to go in the morning or go when there are no classes going on that way your child has more one on one time. Good luck! It will get better! 

I have commented on reader questions multiple times and more than once my suggestions have gotten the most likes on the page. I think that's pretty cool considering I do not have any kids of my own just years of experience. :-) 

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