Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Just A Bad Day, Not A Bad Life

Aglio E Olio pasta I made for dinner tonight! I don't cook, but this turned out and it was delicious!

Today was a long and yet interesting day at work. My supervisor called me at 6:30 saying my opener wasn't coming in. That girl went downtown last night and was able to update her status and Facebook pictures at 5am, but apparently coming to work was a bit much. Oh well, we survived and thankfully not too many babies came in this morning. When we were in the gym today this three year old came over to me and said, "I need a hair dryer." I'm like, "What, a hair dryer?!" and he said, "Yeah, my hair's all sweaty." It made me laugh, I love the funny things little kids say. My day got better as the day went on and I hope my coworkers did too! Below is a picture I found on a blog I follow called Positive Outlooks. I thought this saying applied to many me and a few other of my co-workers this morning.

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