Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We got a new kitty originally named Cresent, but we changed it to Diesel. We drove 3.5 hours to pick him up. We never met him before buying him, my sister found him online at "Headwaters Animal Shelter." We've been looking for a kitten for months at the Animal Humane Society, but had numerous failed attempts instead. Diesel was supposedly a "medium haired" cat, but the second I saw him I knew he was short haired. My mom didn't want a short haired Tabby cat, but she has fallen in love with him. He is such a trouble maker and gets into everything! He purrs the second you touch him, loves to be held, and to my surprise he really enjoys car rides. We have an older cat and she is very territorial and hisses at him whenever she sees him. Our dog, Sophie has a bond with him. Tonight they snuggled up together in Sophie's bed... they'll be good buddies. I'd like to introduce our newest family member, Diesel! Enjoy the pictures! 

Driving home. He loves car rides- we've taken him on a few since then.

1st time Sophie and Diesel snuggled together- They'll be buddies.

He looks so innocent, but trust me, he's not!

1st time Sadie and D snuggled together- Break through moment!

Playing with the glass lamp.

People in our family think he looks like a girl...

Trying to type a paper is hard when there's a cat laying on your stomach.

I don't even have words for this. Too cute!
Everyday when I get ready for work he plays with water in the sink.
Welcome to the family Diesel!! We love you even though you're a little spitfire!

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