Thursday, April 19, 2012


This week my toddlers are learning about the letter N and Nursery Rhymes so on Monday they made a nest out of the letter N.

On Tuesday they made Humpty Dumpty.
On Wednesday, the boys made mice.
 On Thursday, the kiddos made buses out of egg cartons. Unfortunently, I have no pictures of that.

On Friday they made "The cow jumping over the moon."

N is for Nest:
Letter N
Circles for eggs
Brown strips of construction paper

Humpty Dumpty:
Don’t remember where we got this craft idea…
It’s all made out of construction paper  

Mice prep:
2 medium pink circles for ears
1 small black nose
1 large brown triangle

Cow jumping over the Moon:
Yellow moon
Yellow stars
Cow (we let the kids add spots if they wanted)

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