Sunday, April 15, 2012

Movie Audition?!

Yesterday, a dad whose kids I babysit for called me. He said he is on an audition committee for his friends movie. The movie is called "The Current." It's a religious movie about a 13 year old boy who is uprooted from his hometown and brought to rural Minnesota. The dad told me to try out for a college girl. I decided to do it.

Today was the audition. I hardly slept last night and cared WAY too much about how I looked today. Auditions went well. It wasn't over the top terrific, but it wasn't horrible either. They asked me a few questions, handed me the script and on we went. My voice could've been better, but the character I was reading was a nurse she's gotta be serious and professional right?! I don't know they said I did good however, I think they say that to everyone!

After that they did an improv question with me. I was not prepared for that! My question was about going to the mall two days before Christmas. I have a specific gift in mind for my mom. I get to the mall and the table has 4 people and two gifts. I made up a whole story and other than my shaky voice it was good! I'm not used to being in front of a panel of people and a camera, next time I'll do better!

I'm curious to see if I get a call back. It would be fun, but the audition experience in itself was fun! I want to try auditions for TV commercials- I could eat soup and say, "Mhmmm."

I really liked my make-up today so here are a couple pictures:

** Click photos to enlarge!

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