Sunday, April 29, 2012


Just need to vent about T-Mobile!

I have been with T-Mobile for 9 years and never had a problem until now. My contract was up two years ago, but I loved my My- Touch so much I kept for almost 4 years. It started having issues and the battery needed to be charged 3 times a day so I decided to get a new phone.

Friday night I went to T-Mobile and bought the Samsung Galaxy SII (which I love- it's just as good as the iphone)! T-Mobile changed their plans to classic or value. Turns out, you have to buy the phone at retail price and then over the course of 2 years you save money in your payments so after two years the phone will have cost you $199.99. They did a horrible job explaining this and I had to go back last night and get clarification because there is no rebate on the phone or anything.

I also discovered on Saturday texting was not on my plan. They told me I'd get 500 minutes, unlimited texting, and unlimited web for 59.97 that's with taxes and insurance. So I asked about that and the lady said texting wasn't on my plan, but would add it. Low and behold this morning I checked and I was over 200 texts and would be charged $40. There was no way I was paying that when I was told I had texting. Since I drove all the way to T-Mobile last night and they did nothing for me I was determined to figure this out over the phone rather than waste gas and add additional miles to my car.

I called and the lady said there wasn't texting, but she could add it for $10 a month. I felt bad because I had an attitude, but no I was told I had 500 minutes, unlimited texting and web for $59.99 a month. She checked things and added texting and my bill is now $57 a month- don't ask me how that works! Then I told her I am not paying for those 200 texts because I was told Friday night and again on Saturday that I had texting. She checked and updated my plan so those charges shouldn't show up. She also told me I cannot text for two hours- that's inconvenient, but whatever it allowed me to write this blog post! I made notes all throughout the conversation so if charges do occur T-Mobile will most definitely be getting another phone call.

I've spent hours at T-Mobile, on the phone with them, on IM with them and even talking to them on Twitter and Facebook. I am so displeased with them! I have told my friends who have T-Mobile about their new plans and all the problems I have and I told them if you can afford another carrier get out! I knew I should've left T-Mobile when I had the chance! I will not be renewing my contract with them after these next two years!!

Sorry for the rant, but T-Mobile has me very fired up!

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