Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Healthy Leader

For school, I am reading a book by Elaine McEwan called, "How to Deal With Parents Who Are Angry, Troubled, Afraid, or Just Plain Crazy." I was reading chapter four about creating a healthy school and came across a section on healthy leaders. As a leader, I found this section particularly interesting and wanted to share it.

The healthy leader has the following characteristics: 

- Is able to take a position based on values, principles, and beliefs
- Is aware of personal emotions
- Can manage anxiety
- Can manage anger
- Is able to make adjustments in behavior and feelings
- Stays connected to others
- Recognizes and can deal with emotions in others
- Tolerates differences
- Encourages dialogue
- Defines self from within
- Lives with a purpose in mind
- Moves forward
- Stretches and grows
- Is ready for and can cope with the pain that comes with leading

How are the leaders where you are?

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