Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Handprint Craft

It sure turned out cute!
Confetti, sequins or hole-punched dots
3 different size circles (for the body)
Pipe cleaner
Googly eyes

1. Trace the child's hand on cardstock
2. Cut the handprints out
3. Add confetti, sequins or hole-punched colored dots on the hands (wings)
4. Trace 4 circles, 3 different sizzes onto construction paper
5. Cut the circles (body) out
6. Glue the wings to the body
7. Add a face
8. Add a pipe cleaner

**For $5 Target has a 250+ "Fuzzy Kit" full of pipe cleaners, googly eyes and pom poms. I only picked up one package, but plan on going back for more- such a good deal!

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