Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Hug a Vampire Part 3

Here's part two of Pastor Steven Furtick's series, "How to Hug a Vampire." This sermon is titled, "Suck Proof Soul." I absolutely loved this sermon and have pages of notes so I'll do my best to condense it!

How to Hug a Vampire Part 3- Suck Proof Soul

4 Truths that Allow Jesus to Change our Lives:
1. Nobody can take what you've already given away.
2. Never write anybody off, but always watch your balance sheet. 
3. Real love doesn't leak, it overflows.
4. Don't look for people to pay you back, claim your reward from the Lord.

- You cannot have a suck proof life, but you can have a suck proof soul.
- Example of being a "sucker:"Kids! It's possible to love someone who sucks the life right out of you.
- Living in bitterness over something you lost- it was something God wanted you to surrender fromt he beginning
  - Jesus offered himself, nobody killed him. What seemed to be murder was a sacrifice. 
- If we'll be like Jesus we dont have to walk around with dead expectations, we'll bury our expectations of others in the ground. God will resurrect those expectations and give us more through his Spirit than any human being is capable of giving us- it's a Spiritual transition.
- You don't have to be riding shot gun to have control of your climate, you have rear control. You can choose to have peace in your heart even when you don't have peace in your home. Give God control!
- NOBODY can make YOU miserable!
- The peace you experience in your heart has very little to do with the imputes of others and everything to do with your relationship and intimacy with your heavenly Father.
- God could have and should have written me off, but he didn't. He is merciful!
- Have enough people in your life who irigate your life to offset the ones who drain your life or eventually, you're going to be dry. 
- If the withdrawls exceed deposits the overdraft is inevitable.
- We're guilty of giving the best of us to people who are not good ground. We're thinking everybody needs our love, but what they really need is God's love through us!
- He wants his love to overflow from your life because you are full of His promise. 
- More blessed than to recieve, but you have something to give and that only comes from God.
- You're serving the Lord, your inheritance comes from Him.
- Someone walks out of your life say, Lord you took them away I need you to give me somebody back because my reward comes from You. You've blessed me in so many ways. You fill me to overflowing. I don't need to depend on anybody else because he's my God, he's more than enough. He's more than enough for you today. More tan enough to meet your needs. More than enough to heal your life. More than enough to restore your soul, He's more than enough!

Bible Verses:
John 10: 17- 18
Acts 20: 33- 35
Matthew 13: 1-9
2 Timothy 4: 9-13
Matthew 14: 13- 24
John 13: 1-5

Future read: 5 Types of People by Mark Gordan

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