Thursday, August 2, 2012

Room 101

3 weeks ago Pastor Steven Furtick started a new message series titled, "Room 101." The series is about fear and has really hit home for me. I am debating switching my major to Ministry. I went the Education path because it was the logical thing to do. I have my doubts about if I can and should make this switch, but this series has really helped me move past my fears. 

Room 101: Forever Fearful, Never Scared

Link to the sermon:

Bible Verses:
1 John 4: 18 (AMP) "... full grown (complete, perfect) love TURNS FEAR OUT OF DOORS and expels every trace of terror!" 
Proverbs 1:7 "Command me to love and fear him."
Genesis 3: 10- 11 "The fear that you feel is usually the result of a lie that you have believed."
Revelation 1: 17- 18 DO NOT BE AFRAID. I am the 1st and last... 

- The child of God never has to live in fear of what life brings his or her way.
- The only limit fear has potential to place on your life is what you allow fear to limit your life to based on your misunderstanding of God's love. 
- Fear the consequences of living a life apart from Him. 
- "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, the beginning of knowledge." 
- In Adam (our condition without Christ) we hide from God because in our sin we have everything to fear. But, in Christ we worship God because in his righteousness we have nothing to hide.
- Perfect love drives out fear.
- The fear of the Lord is different than being scared of God. When you're scared of God, you are scared of what he's going to do to you because of what you've done against him. When you realize that the love of God means that God already did to Jesus what he should have done to you because of what you did to him the fear of the Lord is no longer being scared of God. It is being terrified to ever be outside of his protection.
- Fear comes to stop somebody who God has called to do something before they ever get the opportunity to do it. Your fear isn't an indication that you won't do anything great for God, it's actually a sign that the enemy is threatened by you. If you ever get free of your fear, you'll set others free too.
- God's love comes in and says thank you very much fear, but you can't stand here anymore. God's love turns fear out of doors! Fear, you've gotta go. You can't stop this destiny from being fulfilled anymore. God's love is greater and stronger. Fear, you are about to be kicked out!

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