Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome to my Blog!

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My name is Liz.
I am 24. 
I live in Minnesota.
I love Jesus.

I love spending time at the Sculpture Garden.

I have a passion for working with young children in particular with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. I am working on my B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education and should graduate Fall 2014. I am not sure what I want to do with my degree. I love the family I currently nanny for, but I know I cannot do that forever. I have thought about being a Preschool teacher, going into Early Childhood Ministry or running a childcare out of my home. For now, I am trusting in God's plan and that He will lead me where I am supposed to be. 

My cat named Mister Biebs.

I'll leave you with 15 facts about me: 
1. I am obsessed with children's literature!
2. I refuse to touch raw meat, which is half the reason why I don't cook. I bake!
3. I have two cats and a dog.
4. I want to move to South Carolina to be closer to my cousins, an ocean, and warm weather.
5. I HATE snow! I am terrified to drive in it, but I am slowly getting more confident.
6. I was in Synchronized Swimming for two years. I wish I never gave it up.
7. I like to be independent and do things on my own. According to my mom, "I march to the beat of my own drum."
8. I have never been out of the country.
9. My dream vacation would be visiting Hershey, Pennsylvania.
10. Cars is my favorite movie!
11. Spring is my favorite season, I love rain!
12. I worked as an Assistant Manager at Children's Place for two years before going back to school full time.
13. So far in my college career I have been to four different colleges and switched my major five times.
14. I do not know how to whistle.
15. I am a big kid at heart! :)

My families Christmas gift to me. It's Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds!
Don't hesitate to ask questions or leave me a comment.
Happy Friday!!

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