Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Kayaking Story

I went kayaking for the first time in years last weekend. I had a blast! My bestie and I went to one of the nearby lakes and rented a two person Kayak. The people working tell you nothing! They don't even ask if you know what you are doing they just send you on your way. We had no idea what we were doing... I didn't even know how to put on my life jacket!

We got into our Kayak and the guy pushed us out into the water. We didn't know how to paddle so we starting drifting towards him. My friend, Christy, yelled, "Excuse me, we are coming right for you!" He turned around and gave us another push. We finally made it out of the bay, but not even five minutes later, we hit a brick wall. Christy was sitting in front so she used her paddle to push off from the wall. I told her not to paddle while I tried to figure out how we turn. I figured it out and from there we were good or so we thought.

We didn't bring our phones because my dad was convinced we were going to tip and honestly, if we did, neither of us would have been surprised! Without our phones, we were unable to keep track of time and the rental place charges by the hour. After spending what felt like a few hours on the water (I'm still not sure how long we actually had the Kayak) we starting paddling towards shore. Our timing was perfect- There was a Sailboat class starting and I'll admit, our navigation skills were not the best! As we got closer to the bay we decided to cut through the docks where the sailboats were anchored. We made the turn and then immediately hit a draft... Right in front of the rental place and hundreds of people. But it's okay, we returned to shore and gave our boat back thankfully, in one piece!

We had quite the rocky start in this adventure but by the end, we had it down! I have been told Sports Authority has Kayaks on sale and I would love to buy one. Kayaking could totally be my new hobby and it would be well worth the money, renting is not cheap! But, until I have place to store a Kayak I'll have to rent or borrow my uncles. :)

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