Sunday, August 11, 2013

WCAGLS and Chris Brown

Another guy I had never heard of but man, he knocked his session out of the park! Chris Brown is a passionate Pastor at North Coast Church. I have this dream of traveling the U.S. to visit giant mega churches. I would give anything (well almost anything) to visit Elevation Church and North Point in a heart beat. In addition to those two churches and numerous others, I have now added North Coast Church to my list. Hopefully, I'll make it there someday, but for now, I have notes from his session at the Global Leadership Summit to reflect back on.

The Bible says, "Tell leaders the heart they are going to suffer with."

Sin is sin. Call it what it is. 

With spiritual leadership, you serve your staff. 

Your pride and ego are going to constantly hurt.

Our calling has to trump culture.

Can we empower other? Even if they take our power? 

Ask yourself, "How can I be the best Jesus I can be?" 

Can you celebrate people even when they are better than you?

Do I expand His kingdom or my reputation?

What difference does the Holy Spirit make in the way I lead?

If a non- believer had my job would they be doing it differently? The answer better be yes!

It will cost you a lot to be like Jesus, but it cost Him a whole lot more. 

Joseph lost his colorful coat, but found character.

Jesus said, "Out serve your team and make them better." 

Don't let the great things of leadership distract you from the God things of leadership.

As leaders, we might have the title, but whose kingdom is it? 

It's not about greatness, it is about serving others.

Spiritual leadership will always be different than secular leadership. 

If you read this, THANK YOU, Chris Brown for all the wonderful thought provoking questions!

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