Sunday, August 11, 2013

WCAGLS and Liz Wiseman

Liz Wiseman was a speaker at The Global Leadership Summit. I knew I'd like her because we have the same name ;) Just kidding, she had some great points that I would like to share with you. Her session was on The Muliplier Effect and if you are interested in learning more about what that is, you should check out her book, Multipliers

What do you do with the control you hold as a leader?

Multipliers are smart and know they are going to figure it out.

Deminishers are people who create stress. 

We do the greatest damage when we hold noblest intentions. 

We don't create followers when we set the pace. We create spectators. 

We don't tend to drift into better behavior. We must work at it.

Are you creating a genius in your organization/people you are leading?

What if you addressed people in the form of questions and let them find the answers?

Working at all of our capability is exhilarating; working at half our capacity is exhausting.

Multipliers are trust gurus. They let the team drive.

Multipliers amplify the talents, intelligence, skills and capabilities of these around them.

Use your intelligence to amplify, to magnify the capability of the people around you.

I loved the question part of Liz's talk. She shared an example of putting the kids to bed at night. Instead of telling them 20 times to brush their teeth. Or, "No, go back into the bathroom and wash your hands." And on and on, if you are a parent or work with kids, you know how stressful bedtime can be. She suggested asking your kids questions. Say things like, "It's 8pm what does that mean?" "After you brush your teeth what do you do?" "How many books do we usually read?" She said when she starting asking questions the stress was nearly gone and get this, the kids listened, they knew the routine and didn't need her telling them what to do next. To me, all questions sounds stressful. I think I could start that way, but after 3 or 4 I'd automatically go back to telling. It is something I am going to try though!

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