Saturday, March 15, 2014


I taught a short lesson on Pronouns this week and below is the script I used to correspond with my lesson plan. 

A noun is a person, place, or thing and we are going to take a minute to write a list of nouns. Raise your hand if you know of a noun and think we should add it to our list. Wow, 1st graders, this is a fantastic list! You know a lot of nouns!

Today, we are going to learn about pronouns. This is Priscilla Pronoun and Pronouns are her favorite words. Pronouns take the place of a noun. (Turn on Projector) He, she, it, and they are pronouns. Here’s an example. (1st sentence) Kenny has a big house. The noun we are going to replace is Kenny. ____ has a big house. Looking at the pronouns above: he, she, it and they which pronoun would fit best in this sentence? Give me a thumbs up if you agree he is the best pronoun for this sentence. That’s right, he has a big house.

How about this sentence? The house is yellow. We are going to replace the house so, ____ is yellow. What pronoun completes this sentence best? That’s right, it is yellow.

Penny lives in a tent. We are going to replace the girl's name, Penny with a pronoun from above. (Student name), which pronoun would you use to complete the sentence: ____ lives in a tent. Good job, she lives in a tent.

This is our last example. The boy and the girl like their home. Who likes their home? Right, the boy and the girl. What pronoun could we use to take place of the boy and the girl? _____ like their home. (Student name) which pronoun would you use to complete the sentence? Give me a thumbs up if you agree with (Student name). Me too! They like their home.  

(While putting poem under document camera say) Raise your hand if you can tell me one of the pronouns we learned about today. This is a poem called, Me, You and Them. I am going to read it and I want you to be on the lookout for the 4 pronouns we learned today: he, she, it, and they. (I read the poem) We are going to read the poem one more time, but this time, I want us to do a repeat read. I will read a line and you’ll repeat me. Let’s try it. Me you and Them. (Point to students to repeat) Good, let’s keep going.

Now it's time to go on a Pronoun Hunt! Who would like to come to the board and circle one of the four pronouns we talked about today? Terrific, it looks like we found all four pronouns plus some. Pronouns are nouns that take place of other nouns. He, she, it, and they are pronouns. Turn to the person next to you and whisper, "He, she, it, and they are pronouns." (Transition back to Laura)

Thank you, Step Into 2nd Grade for the Anchor Chart Inspiration!

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