Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hopes and Dreams

I always envisioned 25 being the year I would get married. By the age of 27, I would have my first child. Yeah, well I just turned 25 two weeks ago and I am nowhere near that point in my life. This was a sad realization for me. I started thinking about all the hopes and dreams I had for myself by the time I was 25. I was disappointed to see that I barely achieved any of them. I'm still living at home. I'm still in school. I'm still single. I did buy a brand new car... not that Audi I was hoping for but it sure feels luxurious! 

Where I am at this point in my life isn't even close to where I planned and although that makes me incredibly sad, I believe it's exactly where God intended me to be. I know there is a saying out there like, "We plan and God laughs." I am really trying to trust God and His timing, but it is not always easy. He knows the desires of my heart and I take complete comfort in that (Psalm 37:4). So I'm not married, is that the end of the world? No. I have SO much to be thankful for. I do have goals for the next five years though. I have hopes and dreams. I will work hard to achieve them but they'll only happen if it's His will and on His timing. 

I lift my life up to you, Lord. Do with me what you may. Use this time of singleness to develop me into who you want me to be. 

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