Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sneaky Spy Detective Y

Meet Sneaky Spy Detective Y
Last week, we learned about words that end with the letter Y but make the long E sound. Below is the script I used for my lesson.

This is Sneaky Spy Detective Y. He is found in words like baby, sorry, happy, and tricky. These words end in y but make the long e sound. The long e sound is e. Everyone say e. I am going to read a list of words and I want you to really listen for the long "E" sound at the end of the word. Happy, silly, snappy, sneaky, funny, and bunny. When you spell the word happy, does it end in the letter e? No. Happy is spelt: H-A-P-P-Y, it ends in y but sounds like our friend, long e. Who can raise their hand and give me another example of a word that ends with the letter y but has the long e sound?

Sneaky Spy Detective Y needs our help completing some sentences. Each of these sentences is missing a word that ends in y but sounds like e. Give me two thumbs up is you think we can help him complete all six sentences. I know we can help him out! (Turns on projector)

Thanks for helping Sneaky Spy Detective Y! You all did a great job!

I have a Jelly Jar and I want you to work with a partner to fill up your jar with as many words as you can that end in Y but have the long E sound.Words like baby, sorry, happy, tricky, and jelly. You will work at your desk and Mrs. R and I will pass out papers. Are there any questions? Please get a pencil and sit at your desk. 


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