Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eagle Brook Church

I'll elaborate more later, but here's the e-mail I just wrote to Eagle Brook Church:

I've been asking a friend to come to Eagle Brook Church with me for at least 9 months. Early Sunday morning we were texting and she said she didn't have to work. I debated asking her if she wanted to go to Eagle Brook. I already went Saturday night and she always says no, but I felt I really needed to ask her one more time. I did and much to my surprise she said yes. If we were going to make the 9 service I needed to get going, we have a 45 minute drive on a good day. She walked in and loved the atmosphere. She could not believe there was a bookstore and a cafe. "Are you serious? You can drink coffee in church?!" We sat up front and she thought the band was great. Then she heard the message and she's been struggling a lot the past five years- She had two miscarriages, got divorced, and basically started her life over with new friends, living on her own, and going back to school. She was in tears over the message and wants to go back next week! I'm glad I didn't stop asking her to come- God was preparing her heart this whole time! Thanks Eagle Brook for encouraging your regular attenders to keep inviting people, it's so easy to get discouraged I really needed that extra push. Thank you for creating an atmosphere where people who haven't been to church in almost 20 years will feel welcome and be able to relate to the message. I grew up Catholic, but fell away during college and finding Eagle Brook was the best thing that has even happened to me. Eagle Brook has changed my life for the better and I can't wait to see how God, Eagle Brook and their messages will work through her. Thanks for all you guys do, we truly appreciate it!!

I also want to add a classmate from my grade school checked out EBC this past weekend and she loved it! She's already talking about volunteering and joining a small group! I'm always amazed at what happens at EBC every weekend! I love watching and hear stories about how God works through people and his church. Keep doing what you're doing Eagle Brook!

Love you all and God bless,


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